Roos Eisma Ceramics

Roos Eisma was born in the Netherlands in a seaside town. She spent 18 years in Amsterdam after moving there for university, but her love of the outdoors led her to move to Dundee in 2001. after a career in science she joined a ceramics evening class in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the possibilities of clay.

shortly after she became her teacher’s “studio fairy” doing odd jobs around the studio, and learning practical skills like recycling clay, mixing glazes and firing the kiln. they now share this studio in Dundee.

her work often combines natural and industrial elements. inspiration comes from how man-made objects integrate into the natural environment over time – from old walls seen in the hills, to overgrown machinery in the old jute mills around her studio. often one shape leads to another through non-verbal associations; for her ceramics is about shape and texture.


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