Graham Short

Known as the ‘world’s smallest engraver’ for his miniature masterpieces, Graham Short has spent over 50 years going to physical and mental extremes to produce the highest quality engravings ever seen.

In 1974, Graham set up his one-man engraving business in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and immediately started supplying engraved stationery to Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House and Windsor Castle.

Appearing in news features internationally and the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary, Graham Short is now considered one of the most talented living artists in the world.

After several national newspapers highlighted Graham’s genius, the demand for his work began to soar. His first fine-art show was an instant sell-out. This was followed by a one-man exhibition in the prestigious Clarendon Gallery in London’s Mayfair and later by an exhibition at the Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery, Kelso – which sold out in just two minutes.

His most astonishing nine-month project, ‘Cutting Edge’, shows the words “Nothing is Impossible” engraved along the sharp edge of a Wilkinson Sword razor blade. As a result of this effort, Graham attracted much attention from the world’s media.

Graham works at midnight to avoid vibration from passing traffic. His right arm is strapped to the bench, allowing only his fingertips to move. He takes tablets, throughout the night, to lower his heart rate to 30 beats per minute – then using a stethoscope he monitors his heart and begins to engrave, between heartbeats, with very fine needles. Every few months he attends a clinic and undertakes a course of Botox injections around his eyes to keep the muscles and nerves rigid. His extreme way of working never ceases to amaze people.

Graham regularly gives talks, accompanied by the most fascinating slide show, across the UK.


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