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Poppy Scotland at the THH Gallery

November represents an auspicious moment in time when we take a few minutes to remember those who gave their lives to protect the freedom, liberty and values of our country, and those of the Commonwealth nations.… More »

The Search Goes On….

In November 2016, we at the THH Gallery commissioned the worlds leading micro engraver, Graham Short, to engrave 5 micro engravings based on the work of author Jane Austen and her fantastic literature. These works were… More »

The THH Gallery & Children in Need

Young people are the future of our society and because of many unfair reasons and events, some don’t get the start in life they deserve. Here at the THH Gallery we try to give the most… More »

Play Time for Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan is no stranger to trying something new. Being a self-taught artist has meant that his own style and technique has evolved with every image, something that has captured viewers hearts as they witness his… More »

Competition Time!

It’s Competition Time Ladies and Gentlemen! From October 1st 2017, the THH Gallery, Kelso will be running its annual Christmas competition. But this year, there’s a juicier twist than ever before! Purchasing a painting or sculpture… More »

Following in the Footsteps of Giants

On a woefully overcast and damp day Tony headed down to Berwickshire to discover and walk the Lowry trail. The trail takes its followers around locations and places that inspired L S Lowry during his many… More »

Saturday’s Are Live

Every Saturday Tony will be painting live in Gallery One, giving everybody the opportunity to witness his techniques and to sit and have a good conversation with one of Britain’s leading artists. Whether you are a… More »

Philip Raskin Returns

Philip Raskin will be teaming up with the THH Gallery again this November to bring you a personal exhibition of his favourite works, at his favourite gallery in the Borders. A whole day will be devoted… More »

Aberdeen’s Best Intern!

The wonderful Lisa, ventured all the way from Aberdeen to intern with us this summer.. and what a fantastic help she has been! Her passion for art is second to none, and it shows every day… More »

Graham Short – “Faith” – Coming Soon

An exciting new collection is due soon from Graham Short, in collaboration with the THH Gallery. He will be unveiling a brand new “Faith” collection on August 25th 2017. This collection will be held in bespoke… More »

Graham and THH Answer the call

On Thursday June 8th, Alfred Barlow, a veteran of WW2 was travelling back from a pilgrimage to Normandy, and stopped at the M6 Toll to use the toilets when his medals were stolen from him. The… More »

And away they go!

(Final Furlong – Sarah Berry) In the spirit of Cheltenham Festival, we’re displaying many of Sarah Berry’s best works! Featuring horses mid-gallop, with a sizes to fill most walls; these piece is just astounding and a truly… More »