Beth Johnston

Supporting Scottish Olympic hopefuls

The Power of Art – Greenlaw Town Hall

Restored and saved thanks to the artists Andrew Brotherstone, Willy Hogg, and Tony Huggins-Haig.

Helping Support and Nurture Art at a Young Age

Changing Lives with the Power of Art

Western General received THH commission

Britain’s Real Willy Wonka

Tony has been working closely with Graham Short to bring one of the most amazing events in modern art history to Britain. Tiny engravings of Jane Austen and four quotes from some of her famous works on the brand new plastic £5 notes, distributed anonymously across Britain by simple use of their tender means that right now, these notes – possibly worth tens of thousands – are circulating among the people of Britain, just waiting be found!

Have you got one hiding in your wallet??

Border College Visit!

Today we have been visited by a lovely group from Borders College, Galashiels. All smiles and laughter, they were a wonderful breath of fresh air, permeated with a ray of sunshine and a touch of class.
We love all our guests to the gallery, especially those who come with a smile to share and a passion for happiness. Thank you so much for your visit, we look forward to seeing you again!
Lovely art, lovely people; what a great mix.


Working in the Community

The Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery has a clear vision of its place in the community, recognising that art, which should be accessible to everyone, is a powerful tool for positive change, one which can be used to build a stronger and more cohesive community.

Community Programme

The gallery’s flexible community programme includes: ‘studio days’ – to mentor emerging artists; individual painting classes, which, in today’s hectic world help people to de-stress and the use of art to support the wellbeing of ex-service personnel.

Its wide-ranging work with young people, who may for many reasons find themselves marginalised, is designed to stimulate creativity and increase confidence allowing them to learn new and valuable skills.

Local and National Projects

The gallery is also proud to give their time and energy to support a range of local and national charitable projects.

Since its inception it has supported over 500 projects including:

Of particular significance to Tony, as one of the founder members, is the gallery’s involvement in Crossing Borders, an organisation dedicated to bringing, “artists and craft makers from the Scottish Borders together to shout out loud for creative talent in the area…”

Current (2017) Projects

To find out more about any of the community activities or how, as a volunteer, you could help, please use our
Contact Form to get in touch.

The recently launched Members’ Club will help support the ongoing programme.