Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery

Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery

Welcome to Scotland’s foremost privately owned fine art gallery located in a beautifully restored townhouse in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. The gallery offers its visitors not only the finest collection of modern and contemporary art, crafted by some of the world’s leading artists, but the warmest of welcomes and a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy the experience.

Gallery One

Tony Huggins-Haig’s studio and gallery – the heart and soul of all things THH art and the home of the Big Boat and Snowman

Gallery Two

A warm welcome for every visitor and the best in bespoke artwork and jewellery.

Gallery Three

Breathtaking figurative artwork, glasswork and sculptures plus a range of artistically quirky gifts including: bespoke bags, pens, artbooks and much more.

Gallery Four

Where Thumper, our resident gorilla, lives surrounded by landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and nostalgic moments in time.

Gallery Five

Relax in the Events Room and enjoy our outstanding programme of exhibitions in comfort.

Tony Huggins-Haig

Since the Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery opened in the historic Scottish Borders town of Kelso in 2004, it has developed links with some of the world’s finest artists and art publishers.

These priceless relationships allow the gallery to source and sell a wide range of original artwork from some of the finest locally, nationally and internationally acclaimed artists working in the modern and contemporary art scene.

Latest News

Graham Short
Breaking News – Nairn Art & Book Festival

Nairn welcomes Graham Short, the famous micro-artist who engraved The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin, and the words ‘Nothing is Impossible’ along the sharp edge of a razor blade. In celebration of Her... More »

Latest from our Blog!

Hello and welcome to our new THH Gallery Blog

In 2015 the gallery underwent a major face lift on the exterior of the building. To match the beautiful interior which we created originally in 2009 when we opened at 22 Bridge Street. Then every year... More »

Current Exhibition

Graham Short
Queen on a Fleck of Gold within the Eye of a Needle!

Graham Short as a leading figure, and at the forefront of the micro art world. Striving continually to push back physical and mental barriers to create smaller art pieces to astonish and mesmerize. Once the finished... More »

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